Thin Air by Robert B. Parker (Sort of a Book Review)

Thin Air (Spenser, #22)Thin Air by Robert B. Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I ate another donut. Susan had explained to me that they were not healthful, and while I was in favor of healthful, rice cakes and coffee didn’t do it on a stakeout.

Oh my God, Robert B. Parker, I love you! Even more than before, I love you! Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Why? For correctly saying healthful instead of healthy. I have bitched about this before, here and here. I will explain it again: Something that is healthy is in a good state of health. Something that is healthful promotes good health. So it goes without saying we want to eat healthy food, most of us not wanting to eat food that is crawling with E. coli bacteria, but what the world is really trying to say with such bad grammar is that they want to eat healthful food.

Another reason to love Robert B. Parker, and there are many. I’m not even going to review the book, as it is a very good book, as almost all of his books are. This one doesn’t have Hawk in it, but I also haven’t seen any mouth-kissing the dog, so that balances out. I’m going to go reread those couple of wonderful sentences again before I have to return this to the library.

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I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

The Winds of War (The Henry Family, #1)The Winds of War by Herman Wouk

What a lame post title. Totally original. But it’s true.

I haven’t forgotten you, dear readers. On one hand, I find myself in a frightful pit of writer’s block. On the other hand, I’m well into a reread of Herman Wouk’s WWII epic, The Winds of War.

I feel a little guilty. I feel like my bookish unworthiness has been exposed. I can read this ~900-page doorstop twice in my life, but I can’t do more than three chapters of the 1,397-page War and Peace? Do the math. How dare I call myself a lover of literature? I’m a slacker.

I feel a little sore. Lugging this thing around in my bag is straining my shoulder. I could designate it as my at-home read, to stay on my nightstand while I commute with lighter fare on my Kindle, but then I’d never finish it. I’ve already been reading for a week and I’m not quite halfway in. Fluff will have to wait.

But on a side note – as I wrote “dear readers” like I’m some snooty and devastatingly rich author, I wondered how many faithful followers have been waiting with baited breath for my next post, and I saw there are 58 of you. Fifty-eight followers! I am so impressed with myself. I am so freaking happy to know you are all here! Seriously! Welcome! I’d post a clip of that Liza Minnelli acceptance speech where she says, “You love me! You really, really love me!”, except that free WordPress platforms don’t allow me to post video, and I won’t pay for being able to post video, partly because I’m too poor thrifty , and partly because I’m too cynical to expect that things will actually work when I pay for them, so I just keep using the free platform and I don’t expect much from free and I’m generally not disappointed that way. And also except I hopped over to YouTube to see Liza Minnelli’s speech, and it wasn’t Liza Minnelli, it was Sally Field, and what she actually said was, “You like me. Right now, you like me!” And how anybody could ever mix up Liza Minnelli and Sally Field is beyond me, but I managed it.

I’m going to shut up and go read my book. I promise to get back with the flash fiction and various rants very soon. Next week soon. That includes a review of another book that I absolutely loved, but haven’t reviewed yet because my writer’s block isn’t letting me write a review so it makes sense.

Meanwhile, I do recommend The Winds of War. It’s like a soap opera with submarines and Stukas. Exactly like that.