Yard Work (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)

Rico drums his hands on the steering wheel, impatient for the bus ahead of him to move again. Places to be, folks.

The bus farts and jolts ahead, and Rico’s eye is caught — that woman he’s had his eye on in his sociology class, Jane he thinks her name is, walking away up the crumbling sidewalk.

He presses on the gas slowly now, curious to see which way she’ll head. She doesn’t go far, just two houses up from the stop, a dead-looking house, slumping behind its overgrown yard. His eyebrows arch upward as she skips the front door and heads around the side, looking around perfunctorily without even seeing him, then nudges open a sagging gate and disappears into a wild tangle behind the house’s blank-windowed stare.

Photo: Arcaion

Every week, Ivy at Uncharted hosts the Six Sentence Stories flash fiction linkup and blog hop. This week’s cue was “yard.” Fun sixes from other writers are at the link. Enjoy!


Author: Deborah Lee

I like trees, dreaming, magic, books, paper, floating, dreaming, rhinos, rocks, stargazing, wine, dragonflies, trains, and silence to hear the world breathe.

2 thoughts on “Yard Work (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)”

  1. what a good Six. (This week has been quite the week for engaging and cinematic Sixes… meaning you can almost feel the worn siding in Pat’s Six or feel the wind from the mountains in Kristi’s or, sense the ghost-like survival strength in Jane, here in your story.)
    Survival skills are such double-edged swords. one possessed of such strength is rightly proud, yet all too often, the battle for survival takes place in a life that is mostly ruins and destruction.


  2. This is a great SSS! It leaves me with wanting to know more about Jane and if Rico gets to meet her outside the classroom. What a great photo to go with your story.


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