Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (Book Review)

Into the WaterInto the Water by Paula Hawkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bookshelves: brit-lit, chick-lit, whodunit, detective, heebie-jeebies, i-am-an-anglophile, mystery, psych-thriller

Multiple POV’s, check. Recent mysterious death tied to old mysterious death, check. Bucolic Scottish setting where suspected witches were once drowned, check. Unreliable narrator, eight or nine checks. Hints and foreshadowings and clues dropped like tiny crushed blossoms on the forest path, multitude of checks.

I liked this book rather a lot, considering I didn’t like anybody in it, except for the wacky old goth lady with purple hair–I kept picturing her in striped witch stockings and a cape. If anybody but her had fixed me a cup of tea, I’d have dumped it out when they weren’t looking.

I didn’t think this was quite as compelling as The Girl on the Train, which I found outstanding, but for a tightly plotted, multi-faceted crime/psych thriller, it’s still a good bet.

Bookshelves: whodunit, brit-lit, chick-lit, mystery, psych-thiller-multiple-pov’s, i-am-an-anglophile, heeie-jeebies

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