The Watcher (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

The Congress of Rough Writers weekly flash fiction challenge for February 16: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a watcher.

Torry aims her phone at rubbish in her newly-acquired back yard and clicks a picture. Turn slightly, aim anew, click. Turn, aim, click. These should let Juan-Jose-Jorge-whatever-his-name-is know what to haul off.

Her back to the empty house, she can feel it, a physical force between her shoulder blades.


She whirls toward the house. Upstairs, undraped windows stare like blind eyes. Lower, behind winter-bare rhododendrons tangled with weeds and trash, sun manages to glint off a dirty basement window.


When she’s done, safe in her car, her skin is still crawling. And she’s supposed to live here?


This vignette is from The Life and  Times of Jane  Doe. More flashes from other writers can be found at the Carrot Ranch link above.


Author: Deborah Lee

I like trees, dreaming, magic, books, paper, floating, dreaming, rhinos, rocks, stargazing, wine, dragonflies, trains, and silence to hear the world breathe.

4 thoughts on “The Watcher (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)”

  1. Your flash makes me think how our attitudes and prejudices can make us feel watched, as if the fear of other is harbored in such a way. An interesting twist. I’m hoping Jane Doe is not actually the watcher and she might be losing her house. After all those places sat empty, suddenly a boom in real estate or banking or wherever it comes from and their off the market displacing people once again. I feel that’s what happened to me and Todd — double displaced, first foreclosure then the tightening of the rental market. Where will it end? Your book is going to be an important tale.


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