At Last (Insomnia, Installment 12)

The sense of vertigo finally subsides, perhaps only because “normal” is crying out to take over again. Maybe her mind has just decided to go back to something approximating sanity; there’s only so much of this a person can take, after all.

She straightens up slowly, lowering her arms from where they’d sheltered her head from being hit by…what? She’d had the distinct impression that the sky was falling, that the city was crumbling to bits around her, but she wasn’t hit by anything and there is no wreckage in the streets.

The mid-air shimmering has stopped, and the stronger, almost violent flickering slows down and gets weaker. She waits to be sure after the last one – a weak, barely-there flicker – but when it seems to be finally over, what she sees around her is far from “normal.”

Stanza Mix 126 by Public Domain

This is a Six Sentence Stories installment. The cue was “last.”

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And hey! Check this out!!! When I was surfing around looking for illustrative photos that are in the public domain (which sometimes takes up the vast majority of my writing time and is why I’d really love to get better at my own photography), I found the above picture (duh) and this amazingly cool art project called Stanza wherein images are taken from city CCTV’s around Nottingham, England, are superimposed, and released into the public domain. I love the images, and the new take and thoughts it raises about the use of surveillance technologies.


Author: Deborah Lee

I like trees, dreaming, magic, books, paper, floating, dreaming, rhinos, rocks, stargazing, wine, dragonflies, trains, and silence to hear the world breathe.

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